Friday, August 31, 2007

Rogers and UPS - teaming up to deliver, eventually

This is an email I just wrote to Rogers, after finding out my phone would be delivered a total of 18 days late... assuming it really does come when UPS last told me it would.

My frustration is apparent...


The phone, delayed a week already, was supposed to arrive on Monday. UPS finally tried to deliver it today, when I was at work. When I called them, they said they won't deliver it until next Wednesday; furthermore, I can't even go and pick it up anywhere! They have my package in the city, but I can't get it for another five days!!!!! That's a courier?

As I wrote to them, that's the last time I will order something from Rogers if you use UPS to deliver it. There was no option when ordering to have it delivered when I might be at home.
In the end, I will likely get my phone on September 5th, or 23 days after I ordered it. Is that what Rogers calls customer service?

I will be posting this letter on the Internet for the whole world to see....

Mike New


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