Two Oceans

She is a bottomless ocean,
  The world sees her waves.
And when she hugs its shores,
  It smiles back at her.
Her daily tides are felt,
  And they leave traces of her presence.
But not so obvious are the purpose, direction
  and deep warmth of her currents below the surface.

He, too, is an ocean,
  Next to her,
With his own shape and
  His own currents under.
His extent is wide and deep,
  As he stretches and swells,
But he wonders where his limit is,
  Next to her.

For oceans are not like countries:
  They have no borders, no lines of separateness.
And between two oceans,
  No customs are needed,
And the secret flows and schools
  Deep inside them
Travel between them unawares,
  As if they were but one.

So the world sees them together,
  As on a map.
And we see their tides and waves,
  Even their storms.
But underneath, they calmly, endlessly,
  Move together,
And share elements of themselves
  In their depths.