Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Iran opens nuclear facilities to foreign tourists, state TV reports

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered authorities to open the doors of Iran's nuclear facilities to foreign tourists in order to prove that the country's disputed nuclear program has been peaceful, state-run televisionreported on Wednesday. For a fee, any foreigners, including Americans, can take a tour that will display how Iran's facilities are used for peaceful nuclear power generation. However, there will be some "sensitive areas" which will be off-limits to the tours.

The American government has not commented, although one unnamed high-ranking military official has expressed concern and disappointment at the fees that will be charged for the tour. "We believe that the fees are too high, and that we ought to be getting a group discount when we have a lot of people going there. When we send in fifty UN inspectors, why should we have to pay full price? It's unbelievable that they would charge [USD 25.00] for a forty minute tour, and not have a discount for groups, not have a discount for seniors, and not provide any snack, donuts, whatever, at the end of the tour."

The Iranian govermnent has not responded to calls.


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